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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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the better it is. that's my "2 cents more." that's it for tonight and "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ v. ♪ lou: citibank, everybody thank you for being with us. tonight you're looking at the capitol of yemen, the city's residents there on edge. the army is on high alert after a united states drone strike took out for suspected leaders of al qaeda following a u.s. warning of imminent terror attack in the region with considerable focus on potential targets in yemen. on your screen now the u.s. embassy close after the white house ordered the brought evacuation of american citizens and u.s.ersonnel. although the obama administration to them a clear
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there would prefer that i use a different wordd here is state department spokesperson quibbli with the press over the use of the word evacuate and insist the teeseven system and is planning with the obama administration sees on a cigna -- as a significant of its maturing in ecuation and with the adnistration is now calling and ordered departure. >> cl with the use of the word evacuate. >> it's a technical term. >> is it? i think it is i nontechnical term. ordered departure is the technical term. so if you -- >> if y look up in the dictionary definition. >> what would you call if you are suddenly told you have to leave and a plan is flawed man. forced to get on and leave. >> and ordered departure.
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lou: the etymological nonsense did not end there. keep all the warnings to american citizens not to travel to yemen and to those there to leave immediately to the nothing more than a travel advisory and the obama administration shows to update it this very morning. declaring that advisory has been in effect for 11 years, leaving the question why such a construction of language is as important to the state department. not remotely clear at this hour, nor why the state department would not have taken earlier note that americans were traveling to yemen for years and not leaving immediately. she also sounded as if the white @%use had just discovered that arabs live in the arabian peninsula. while making sure to highlight the president's repeated claims, that his administration had decimated al qaeda in other regions. >> i would plead to a couple of things. one, the al qaeda core
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leadership has been weakened, decimated. i would point you to the president's speech to give a few months ago where he talked about that. al qaeda is on the path to defeat and we frequently expss a concern about affilia's, and this is an example of that. lou: s where does the truth lie about the so-called eminent threat in he middle east? hard to tell with an administration that some ctics have said lies about the truth, lies about lies and then tries to correct the language of the press to make their reporting conform to whenever narrative the administration is pushing. we will be taking all of this up here tonight, talking first with tom mack and ernie will analyze national security threats aad give us his view of the white house terrorist warnings. breaki news now. an unnamed u.s. official has told fox news that the justice department but has filed sealed
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criminal charges against several suspected terrorists in the benghazi terrorist attack. the move coming nearly 11 months after terrorists stormed the u.s. consulate in maine as the killing four americans, including a massive effort to about ambassadador christopher stephens. right now we do not know the exact nature of those charges. they're under seal with a number of suspect named. the justice department filing its first criminal charges according to an unnamed u.s. official. there are many unanswered questions w the obama ministration has ostensibly down next to nothing to track down the benghazi attackers to, d is now filing sealed court documents against terrorists instead of killing them are capturinghem. the white house is struggling to rationalize its insistence that the threat from al qaeda in the middle east is diminished in
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face of their order to close facilities and in some instances to evacuate personnel. the state department left today to clarify the president's campaign trail rhetoric about al qaeda being on the run, explaining president obama was then referring to al qaeda in afghanistaand pakistan, not necessarily in yemen or anywhere else. seemingly more intent on further of the station rather than clearly explaining the actions of our government over the past four days. for more on the benghazi charges, we are now joine by general thomas mcinerney, retired us air force general fox news military contribut. great to have you withhis. that starts with -- let's start with the response to what some have claimed is an unparalleled chatter, unparalleled since at least september 11th. your thoughts?
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>> i think it is accurate. it signals intellience and is giving a syndications wish whetr we overreacted and not come i don't think we had any choice. we had to close 22 embassies. but listening to your pre lewd of have good things wer in the state department, here we are evacuating, arguinggwhether it is an evacuation order departure and we have still got 19 emssies closed. it does not look like we have been decimated al qaeda either in the arabian peninsula or anywhere else because this is a broad, centralized command-and-control apparatus that is functioning. and they're is a leader. and so i don't get the feeling that we have decimated al qaeda. lou: you get the feeling that we have decimated at least, at the margin, some of the secrecy and
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the classified nature o some of our methods of gathering intelligence and the ways in which we choose to analyze the evidence that we do gather. it see like a lot of information has been put forward by the administration, not necessarily the intelligence agencies themselves, but the administration, the national security folks that, frankly, it leaves me a little trole the so much information is being put out about what we are learning and the way in which we're responding to a. >> very troubling. there is no saying in our business that washington is a ship of state that leaks from the top. it is not coming from the is coming from the top out of the white house, their state department. and unfortunately by releasing the names of where we got this information from, we just gave up some very critical sources.
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it is very disrbing, all the information we're releasing now. i think it has a purpose to it. i am disturbed by it, because signals intelligence has always been our top tipper, and that is whats so disturbing. your spot on when you bring it up. lou: denouncing what it called for an pressure and is expected in the foreign mediation efforts to end the political crisis that it failed announcing. mccain and gramm there representing the u.s. government in what appears to be some sort of diplomatic mission. your thoughts about how likely it is that there can be effective, and if that is really the best approach is the administration has to move forwardn u.s. interest.
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>> after 11 guy and 12 years in the middle east to wars uthere a global war against radical islam, we're not going to make democracies of those countries? would like to have the general be of strong head of state, just like mubarak was. and for 30 years we have a very good relationship with ept, and he kept the peace between the arabs and the israelis. we do not need a democratic republic like we -- our so-called democratic replic like morrissey got with the muslim brotherhood. that is the last thing we need. it is a fight for power out there in the region. whether you get the radical islamists to win or whether you get strong authoritarian governmentshat in general support our interest. that is what we oht to be interested in. i don't know what senators mcin and gramm arerying to
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do over there. it is perplexing. lou: obviously frusttated and perplexed himself. and as they havexpelled the muslim brotherhood here, we have two senators dispatched by the president to cairo calling for the release of muslim brotherhood leaders who have been imprisoned by the egyptian military, as you say, perplexing general, is great to have you here. thank you. the race for governor in virginia is a tossup, but a new movie and former dnc chairman could sway the vote. filmmaker and president of citizens united tells us all citizens united tells us all about
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lou: virginia led to the tory candidate says the sec is now investigating by a mpany founded by the candidate does agree tech automotive also the subject of a new documentary said the candidate's record of creation or non eation we have a president of citizens united david, thank you for being here. what has been the reaction? >> it is a tremendous build @%story ofindividuals touched so we found former employees and people who worked there at thh carr
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company and actually got laid off he did not create jobs they got laid-off at the factory so he is somebody that we wanted to introduce to virginia one-third ofhe documentary is 30 minutes they could get a dvd where it is available at three different stations in virginia. lou: the company he helped to found through the end of next year created 350 jobs? at the plant but they seem like generond deadlines. what is the story? >> first of all, somebody who is a cody capitalist in his own words written how we
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use is the political ties and knowledge of business leaders to make money. that is how he mak money so what we're seeing is a company not doing it athing or what they would promise to do. he is trying to raise money from chinese investors one that could be under investigation not only the department of security so now there is to feral investigations going on with teeeighteen. so therr'll be a lot of problems for a car company that m not be a good company but the involvement has caused a lot of headaches. lou: what the chairman of the national committee said told msnbc and a cnn the republican party would be in their debates if they
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continue with the myopic of the miniseries is resulting hillary clinton. i have to tell u it is almost a half to make use sign up with the republican party or for e enough nonsense. >> i am glad that reinc priebus did its. it is funny they mentioned this is a since united in the letter because we had to go with the supremeourt for hilary, the movie to fight for our right to make its and advertise of course, cnn and nbc would attack as for those corporate dollars used in politics but of course, they woulbe used toake them produce a documenty filmm or a film starring dia made starring hillary clinton dash that intriguing
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at the least. [laughter] lou: that is as kind of paper that you could use. >> i will be watching it. lou: the deal. now check your lowe's -- local listings for fast terry online or go to our web site if we will have a link for you as well. a builder a laughing matter in the "chalk talk" we will have the approval rates the boys ed double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. anna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use,
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civic people say had letterman, why don't you make jokes about obama? i don't because i allowed the fbi to tap my phone. [laughter] i would start off with the obama joke but it would to we audited. >> obama was visiting a middle school and said every school should have high-speed internet. it was awkward when the kds said that you can read or
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even as faster? period he is the number one target of late -- jokes and obama is the punch line of 288 monologue jokes. then the other day and into the weeder the subject of one of the 20. you know, things are not going well when you are within the category. so we will see if his jokes continue but meanwhile nearly six months after delivering the state of union message the second rm agenda to gather dust and gun-control laws that
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everyone issue at the time. that died in the senate. immigration with a gang of eight but a propal to raise a proposal at $9 per hour has not had one single hearing in the house of representatives. with the president's good buddies organized labor with the $15 per hour were of pei's structure for fast-food workers is only created more diigruntled employees the matter what they tell those 750,000 fast-food workers it isn't happening and sequester the president's idea that he blames republicans did we mention congress is on a 5 degrees as? for the reason he has been such a failure is now he
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wants to become the culture war year as well. listen to what he said during an interview with the amaz wheree was talking about kim kardashian and cartier west'' there is a shifting culture he says kids are monitoring every day when kim kardashian is wearing or went where west was going o vacation thinking somehow that was the mark of success. mr. president that is like taking kiddie from a baby to site they named their baby northwest in the mainstream media watches with the first lady is watching just as much as tim kardashian and the first ladyas on the cover of vogue twice as we don't count them headlights wh she got ratings earlier this year does this make you at all uncomfoable to criticize a lavish lifesle
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when you live in a fair size house yourself like a big airplane flight 134 rounds of golf since becoming president and by the way i don't need to remind you that you leave on saturday for the eight day vacation for martha's vineyard we state the $8 million estate but that is hell least a gesture on your part is stepping down a little bit because that $21 million mansion you normally use was not available but it is one-third of what you normally do mr. president you make the job way too easy. by the way you are not doing too badly for the rest of us either. the first charges have been filed in the bang gauzy terrorist attack. of a month later.
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we react to the
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lou: the justice department finally filing criminal chges against a number of suspects against the consulates in benghazi. it is called a weak response after coming four months to was involved. joining us for the weekly standard is crossed -- fox news contributor. here comes the news tonight that the justice department according to a unidentified u.s. official unknown to the rest of the world says we have charges filed in the anode court is this a response that makes any kind of sense? >> in the unknown court against the unknown number
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of suspects? it has ben reported one of the leaders with the leaders in benghazi is one of them but we don't know who the others are or how many or what the charges are. there is a lot that we don't now. the jusce departmen put oua statement today saying the investigation is ongoing it remains a top priority. we can be very clear of what it's saying 11onths later cover this investigation has not been a top priority of the obama did ministration. if i had had noore or charges before he a or the on the ground raid in the opleesponsible would have already been held accountable or on their way and we would know more about it but nearly one year later we know very little in at information we have through the efforts of journalist
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but all along the way we had a series of embarrassments to find out what we did to bring them to justice. lou: cable news network's plan date the of voices of those who carry out the attacktheir networks. have first fox to this and no one has seen fit to kill or capture those that declare themselves to be the perpetrators of that attack. it has taken on a level of absurdity and a pattern by this administration or justice department whether we talk about the irs, a benghazi or the irs the victims have not been talked to by inveigators from the
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justice department yet the process goes on like the investigation is a way to cuckoo in the issue from interest to keep apart from the american people. >> if you go back to look at the one person we know that has been c charged, he was the one he was found by the new york times report within one month of the attack in this reporter had a trap with the terror leader to talk about his role he denied the active role in the attacks but danowski was there on the night of the benghazi a taxi and others who are in touch with the news media and one suspected ringleader who was he stayed in to visa and the u.s. corporate try to get access we did all the with the lawyers but then the
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government released him a short time later and the terrorist who were supporting him at the time retaking pictures of our fbi agents on the ground to post them on their facebook page. it looks like the keystone kops operation specifically to the question of the investigation. lou: keystone kops perhaps the this is incapable or incompetent but directed by the white house to be so ineffective they become something else. >> it is very clear the white house once this issue to go way. jay carney himimself called this a phony sndal. there is nothing here. put this behind us a and move on. certainly any additional questions raised about the investigation, the security
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posturedid ministrations and misleading stories after words are what they don't want to have to deal with. lou: there are the increasing number of questions they know what to do with. of -- an example of govement wasted a political giveaway how one reporter got three obama phone smith is she is not impoverished. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pai it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away, if you experience sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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lou: how is this for strange dfellows? the founder of the liberal watchdog activis organization, a media matters joins the rnc chairman grant on dash reince priebus calling abc and nbc to call the special former secretary of state hilly clinton leading up the elections. telling cnn your network
10:38 pm
issued a statent asking the rnc to reserve judgment until they know more about the documentary. this suggest they could be pleased with it which is reason to have to suspend aa3 thproject. lou: you could not invent american pplitics right now. nor would you have any need to the real deal is too much fun. joining us now is 59 former assistant to george w. bush and angela, media matters as great about the potential the republican party would be pased with something to put them into a tizzy is fun? >> but i ancestries the rnc and media matters partner and work together maybe did
10:39 pm
what the documentary on hillary because it wl upstage obama that we did not elect hillary because we elected obama. lou: it does get complicated but not as complicated at the lexicon they're using. i have seen administrations tried to control the language that is a slight political correctness if you do that you control thought. >> this administration takes it to a level i have never seen. >> but they did is that if you tell the american people when they see a dock it is enough and they know the difference. [laughter] >> but they realize the war on terror continues whether osama bin wanted is dead does not mean alaeda is dead be cleared out 20 embassies around the world to move this tax out by the way we cannot say evacuate.
10:40 pm
it was the ordey departure th know what is going on and they are getting troubled by the fact that the lexicon has reached every part of the administration whether iras iras, defense department, war on terror, they will call it their own dictionary sll believe we should move the white house to california since we hear national security on jay leno give me a break hcannot talk to the press corps but he ss down with jay leno? lou: that the term radical islamist should not be used or the war on terror or the overseas contingency operation. thlist goes on and on and to talk with jay leno i am sure you both notice he did as a radical islamist but violent radical extremist and vient extremist and did not even refer to a
10:41 pm
terrorist or radical is law because frankly this administration does not have the intellectuals or individual courage to speak graham -- played the to the american people to t enemies are and that is deeply deeply irritating. >> where a president choosss to make remarks and who he chooses to make remarks to speaks volumes of the remarks he is making. if i said mr. president, you willive your response at about 9/11 on john neville? and would have been fired on the sport -- a spot and escoedff but his condescending behavior a and indifference speaks volume about his intentions it let the enemies perceive him to be. >> there is the reity that
10:42 pm
is undeniable. this president won reelection in republicans could not come up with a candidate or a strategy or a platform or agenda to compel the american people to throw a president out of office even though he has presided over a disastrous foreign policy or economic policy. what are you guys talking about? >> he is moos. peking give a real good speech in the party needs to go into technology will be utilized the internet and social working cass dash networking. would ever obama of lead to a debate i would get something from obama so our rty needs to move into technology. >> no question. >> reince priebus has some guts to say w will not play the game the old way at least we see with msnbc to
10:43 pm
talk about the primary debate but who is the voice of the republican party? you have lindsay gramm and john mccain in cairo conducting foreign policy trying to reestablish the slim brotherhood after t the egyptian military had flown all. how stupid does this get? >> we need leadership people need to understand wat it takes to win and a good organization but we need candidates if we do that we will win. >> don't let the establishment on the party. that is the problem. instead of brging new people in they have qualified people out there. lou: go get them. up next a summer of big budget flops for hollywood.
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lou: big budget blockbusters like the lone ranger and pacific rimloc -- stopping at the box office is the best ever for a movie studiow t and joining us now to discuss the parado is peter guber. good to ha you with us. i have heard i don't know if i have heard so much ink if still leading into a summer by yet we learn all these big block busr flops you make one heck of a lot off a money. >> the statistical
10:48 pm
probability is the same but they have to make the big film but to move the deal ey have to focus on the franchise's stand there will be blood. certainly these bills don't live up to expectations or are written down immediately say you have to expect thatice but they have no choice but to make those if they wantose to fund those studios they have to make a big pictures. lou: but big pictures does not disqualify anyonene c certainly "iron man" tramples the constitution. take a look at five films and look at the full screen with iron man three has 407 million a big budget despicablebe part to, "monsters uversity" "fast & furious" all of
10:49 pm
those are not exactly the original idea i get kind of irritated with the sequels of us is something and really like then iemand it [laughter] but some of this comet r.i.p.d.? what a producer thinks that will work? the lone ranger with the johnny depp for crying out loud playing toronto?reat you have great ideas playing an upside-down. >> you are a studio with jerry brown chimera that brought you all the pirates they will bring in another sequel with johnny depp with that costume may be it is irresistible you have to be the village idiot to say no when that talent comes.
10:50 pm
the studio is forced to look after some certainty like a proven intellectual property , a comic books, comic-con evens, sequels, remakes that theyrive the certainty andth thatat is inevitable. then you make them like flapjacks every two years and it goes on and on. ere already announcing another pirates and another "fast & furious" and another avengers it is more of the same. they have to go big. lou: the chain of movie group?chin what role do they play ofhe the financing with the change of the product for the international audience? >> they called if foreign to
10:51 pm
thehe executives it meant avery very small piece of the private today the t international is 2.2r 2.3 times the domestic box office is it said then million to 300 million where would you ate your content? the biggest audience and thats that they're doing. lou: the china group how big of a play is set? ten or 20 years? >>0creens per day brought -- bought ads at amc it is a seduction they have to think about china if they would use capital. so there is influence from the market is emerging but it is gigantic. these are huge markets this
10:52 pm
deduction is enormous with a lot of capital so they try to make the elements influential onlyetter. lou: not bad time to be a movie staro despite the gnashing of teeth. they give for being with us. >> the abuse of the obamaphone program exposed and one reporter was given my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so n we've turned her toffee into a business. myoal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today
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and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. and makjoin us atiness dream
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lou: you heard about a federal program that subsidizes phone service that after reports of riveted fraud and abuse my next guest is leading te report to detail her experience and to obtain a phone to a recent "national
10:56 pm
review" article entitled me and my obamaphone joining us now is a columnist for the "national review" it is great to have you here. there they are. >> i have three of them. lou: how did you get one? >> way easier than i expected out of any food stamp office he will be approached by people to safety you have your free phone via? that is the interesting choice of words i applied for eight and i got three. lou: a never -- and not a bad statistics. >> they did not do their due diligence. i did not live for it be of might informations >> they said this is rebec
10:57 pm
nonsense. >> i wish they had checked bui got this phone you can look at it. this is owned the mexican billionaire one of the richest people in the world he gets half a billion dollars per year in subsies with a life line phones. lou: who writes th check? >> a the federal government the ftc gives the companies money that is why there is the incentive to put the phones in the hands with consumers not doing the homework. >> that is irresponsible the federal government because the phones are to be for people who cannot afford the basic $10 per but plan but yet of the fall plan they will tell the dash try to sell you the upgrade setter er $10. you pay for those but that takes with the purpose of
10:58 pm
the program if you can pay for te a grades you do not need the government to y for your phone. lou: they don't care who can afford it ther is no distinction and the market. those who are hawking the obamacare -- the phone they can't just position themselves? >> there are usually too and they will literally watch somebody's sign you up then they will try to sign you up even though you're only supposed thave one r household you can see how they end up with 30 or 40 i am not eligible and i got three. it has grown incredibly look at 2003 -- 2008 it was around 80million but last year to point to billion
10:59 pm
more thhn double nearly triple and a lot these cases are fraud d abuse. lou: as you have reported on television, we have to have some way to say this is madness. is there any program at does not keep growing by leaps and bounds exponentially? is tre any way to curtail such frau, abuse? it is frustrating beyond belief. >> i know they have done audits before where 41 percent of the lifeline customers had improved eligibility but you can reform all you want but the federal goverent does not belong in the cell phone business no more than they belong in e welfare buness but problems are inevitable when put together lou: there is a lot of
11:00 pm
government in a lot of things. take you f pointing it out. thinks you for being here. come back soon. that it. good night from new york. >> the president means it when he is says it is a phoney crisis as we hear those conservative groups of targeting are still going colin and they are still targeting the t tea party groups three months after the first one down there not let teeing up and with these implications of the house ways and means committee chaian says they're still the focus what the irs agent called up the secondary because the agency has not come up with any new guidance on the concept of a follow-up on that